Shorewood House is run by a Milwaukee-based nonprofit called Meta House, Inc. Meta House has been providing substance use disorder treatment for women since 1963. Shorewood House programming is built on over 50 years of experience helping women overcome drug and alcohol addiction. At Shorewood House, treatment is:

  • Gender Responsive
  • Trauma Informed
  • Strength Based

Our drug and alcohol treatment services (AODA) are offered by trained, qualified and compassionate professionals who implement research-based, best practices.

Meet the staff of Shorewood House.

Your privacy is our priority. Shorewood House abides by all confidentiality regulations and will keep your private business private. Read our full privacy policy.

Meta House

Our mission is to end the generational cycle of addiction by healing women and strengthening families. Meta House is a 501(c)(3) public charity (non-profit organization). The agency was one of the first residential treatment facilities in the country designed specifically for women with substance use disorders, and has been providing trauma-informed, family-centered and gender-responsive treatment for over 50 years. For more information on Meta House, please visit

Gender Responsive

We know that many women and men are affected by addiction in different ways and, therefore, benefit from specialized treatment. Shorewood House offers a level of personalization beyond that of traditional co-ed programs, further allowing women to focus on their individual needs throughout treatment.

Gender responsive treatment is based on the distinctive characteristics of women and women’s roles within society.

Gender-responsive treatment recognizes:

  • That trauma impacts the lives of women addicted to substances. Many women often, but not always, turn to substances to numb the pain of trauma resulting from sexual abuse, sexual assault, physical and/or emotional abuse. Substance abuse is often a symptom of dealing with trauma;
  • That many women are mothers and they need to learn to live a substance-free lifestyle within that context.
  • That relationships are key for women. We know that women who are able to heal damaged relationships and seek out healthy relationships will greatly increase their chances of staying healthy in the long run.
  • That addiction doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Struggles with parenting, employment, substance use/dependence and mental health frequently overlap. We have decades of experience helping women sort through the practical and emotional aspects of their lives, resulting in a strong foundation for life-long recovery.

Trauma Informed

If you have experienced trauma, know that you are not alone. The overwhelming majority of women who are addicted to substances are survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. We understand that you may be using substances to numb the pain of your past. We will help you learn to manage your emotions and practice essential skills to live life without substances. At Shorewood House, we help women build and practice effective coping skills that will help you move toward long-term recovery.

Strength Based

We believe that all women have inherent strengths, but know that the stigma and chaos of addiction can wreak havoc on a woman’s self-esteem. At Shorewood House, we’ll help women work to regain confidence in themselves by focusing on their strengths and abilities.